Bob Ross at Home, 2021

Bob Ross at Home is an exhibition-event featuring 39 original paintings of the famous artist and TV host. The exhibition starts off with the vernisage on 29.10, followed by various events, from a live concert to lectures and discussion, game evening and painting workshops.

Amalia Maciuca will host two oil painting workshops in which fans of Bob Ross and exhibition visitors get the chance to paint one of the 39 pictures.

Registrations are open for the The Joy of Painting workshops (November 12 and December 10) and should be made by email at [email protected]

Photo Credit: Andri Stadler

Kunsthoch Luzern, 28.08.2021

Kunsthoch Luzern is the day of action by 28 art institutions in and around Lucerne.

The spectrum of ideas is diverse, but deliberately focuses on the exchange between the public, art educators and creators.

Amalia Maciuca (artist, Lucerne) hosted the first English speaking tour in the history of Kunsthoch Luzern. The tour had a focus on the exhibition venues located in the city centre.

Community Bridge, 20.12.2020

A fun and creative project about collaboration within the LiLi Centre international community.

The Chapel Bridge in Luzern (Kapellbr√ľke) was chosen to represent the “bridges” we are all building, with all our different backgrounds, religions, language in order to actively connect to each other and surround ourselves with friendly faces in an environment in which we prosper and feel like home, away from home.

Find out more and take a closer look at the project here.

Community Bridge
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