Amalia Măciucă is a full-time figurative painter and visual artist, with a background in fine arts. Her artworks are often centered around the struggles of women in today’s society, depicting the unrealistic expectations placed on them.

With a passion for painting human faces, Amalia’s work is characterized by its expressiveness and emotive power. She is skilled in a variety of techniques, including oil painting, watercolors, and acrylics. Her mission as an artist is to give voice to the struggles of women and to empower others to express themselves through creativity.

As an artist and educator, Amalia is dedicated to empowering others to express themselves creatively. She offers art classes and leisure workshops for individuals and groups, both in public and private settings. Her workshops are designed to be inclusive and encouraging, providing participants with the opportunity to learn new techniques and approaches to art-making.

Join Amalia on her journey of self-expression and unleash your inner artist!

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